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A majority of people have been Addicted to smoking for generations. As we all know, it is harmful to health as it damages our lungs, lowers the blood flow, and makes the blood level toxic.
Blood absorbs and acts as a carrier in supplying it all over the body. Smoking leads to restricting blood supply and causes life risky diseases.
Smoking leads to diseases like cancer, heart problems, stroke, obstructive pulmonary diseases.
Many people tried to stop but they failed miserably. Their body starts to crave for it after 24 hours, and they again go into it.
So many companies started to notice this issue and came up with an alternative like Heets IQOS.
In this article? We would discuss heets IQOS and how it is the best alternative you can get while quitting smoking.


What is Heets IQOS ?
Heets are made of tobacco sticks that get connected with the IQOS device. They produce smoke and release dopamine in the brain. The secretion of dopamine (the feel-good hormone) is the same as compared to cigarettes.
It took several years to discover Heets IQOS.Hence research companies found it, which results in creating a product alternative to smoking.

The process of Heets IQOS does not involve any burning of tobacco particles. Hence it uses the heat to produce smoke by utilizing the IQOS device.
So as it does not involve any tobacco burns! It is non-risky and less threatening to health. It makes you feel and act as the best alternative to smoking.

How does the Heet IQOS Work?

The Term THS (tobacco heating system) works in two versions. The main components of the process are a heated tobacco unit, a holder, and a charger.

The second is an integrated product that combines the holder and the charger in providing several uses without recharging.
Each of them works in the same way. The user puts the heated tobacco unit into the holder, which has an electronically controlled heater.
The user turns the button and smokes the heated tobacco, which contains tobacco vapor and nicotine. Once the smoking process gets finished? The user disposes it off from the holder and throws it into the waste bin.


The Process

  • The Heating tobacco unit comes with a plug for heating purposes. The tobacco plug gets made with tobacco leaves. The tobacco leaves are grounded and reconstituted into tobacco sheets called the cast-leaf. These sheets are then crimped and made into a tobacco plug.
  • The Holder contains the heated tobacco and heats it with an electronically controlled blade. The blade forms a high temperature around 350°C used to heat the tobacco, and the process gets monitored while monitoring the temperature to remain consistent.
  • The Holder enables the heat transfer via a heating blade for the first 6 minutes or 14 puffs.
  • After each use of the tobacco system with the original three-component heating system, the small battery needs to get recharged for further usage.
  • The Latest IQOS Duo allows a second use before recharging. The IQOS multi could get used ten times before recharging.
  • The device gets charged from the household electric sockets.


What Heets IQOS Contains?

  • Aluminium foil with outer layer paper
  • Pinch of glycerine with tobacco sheets of 0.5 ml nicotine each
  • Hollow Cellulose acetate mouthpiece
  • Biopolymer Health transfer film filter


Where is Heets IQOS available?
IQOS HEETS gets discovered in major cities in Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Aruba, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Curaçao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, La Réunion, Lebanon, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Maldives, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Palestine, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the US, Uzbekistan, and in some Duty-Free shops.


Most Popular Heets IQOS flavors.
Mentioning Flavours Without Menthol

1) Heets Yellow Label
It is the lightest of the menthol-free flavors.
The flavor contains a mixture of soft aromatic tobacco mix with spicy notes.
It releases no smoke. Experienced smokers will not like it as it contains menthol finished.
It gets made with roasted tobacco with light woody and nutty notes. It has more volume and is creamier than the previous one. Smokers who have just stepped into the IQOS market won't take the light woody nutty notes. It has a mediocre strong taste, Similar to cigars.
The first inhale gives a low throat hit, and then it's simple smoking.

2) Bronze Label Heets
It is softer and smoother with a mix of cocoa and dried fruit. It forms a relatively new taste. There is always a healthy debate about these emerging Heets.
The Flavour is one of the strongest to smoke up. It is ideal for newcomers! For daily use, it's a bit strong. However, it depends on how much you can take.

Mentioning Flavours With Menthol

3) Turquoise Label Heets
It is colder menthol containing the velvety tobacco blend with delicate spicy notes. It is a simple menthol stick that flashbacks the reminders of menthol cigarettes.
It contains a lot of menthols! But not enough tobacco taste. Hence, these sticks are only suitable for pampering. It IS TOO STRONG TO smoke all the time.
The Turquoise Heets have a plus point. It PROVIDES USEFULNESS in the early stages of transition to IQOS, as it gives a noticeable TH, and the sensation is the same as a regular cigarette.

4) Purple Label Heets
It contains a blend of menthol and wild berries aroma. The first puffs create a sensation, and then it releases the aftertaste of menthol and wild berries.
It is pleasant and sweeter. It seems to be sweeter, like Green Zing IQOS.
The Purple Label Heets are ideal for daily use.

5) Green Zing Heets
It gets enriched with cooling menthol, fresh citrus, and herbal notes. It has a newer taste to smoke up. But this tastes very normal.
The first puff can give you a more lemon-like taste. It contains a slight amount of little fermented tea to mishmash the taste. All of this gets flavored with menthol, with a small amount of tobacco added. Nuclear mixture!
The Green Zing Heets acts as a mood freshener with a sensation.
IQOS's new flavored GOLD Selection is amazing! The company says to produce it with specially roasted tobacco, woody notes, and light refreshing shade.
The flavors come in the middle between bronze and Amber.

6) Yugen Heets
It is intense with a floral aroma.
It contains a combo of fruity notes and a floral aroma with a fresh finish. Girls would love to smoke this up, as it is pleasant and perfume-like.
Men would back as a majority as it smells like flowers.


Safety Warnings And Instructions
Intended Users

  • IQOS and Heets are mainly for adult use only.
  • Children And Adolescents should stay away from IQOS or Heets under any circumstances.


People To Stay away from Heets IQOS?

  • Mentally Unstable
  • Reduced Physical
  • Reduced Sensory
  • Lack of Knowledge and inexperienced people.


Tobacco And Nicotine

  • Heets contain nicotine, and it produces dopamine in the brain
  • IQOS and Heets are not the best. You should follow a routine to quit tobacco and nicotine altogether. Heets IQOS or any other alternative should only act as a catalyst to quit smoking.

Some Heets IQOS regular smoke can experience this following:

  • Chest pain, abdominal pain, Choking, sensation, cough, difficulty, dry mouth, dry throat, gingivitis, headache, malaise, nasal stiffness, mouth irritations, palpitations, Vomiting, throat irritation.
  • Nicotine should not be used by people suffering from heart problems or diabetes strictly.
  • Breast-feeding mothers or pregnant women should not consume nicotine in any case. It may affect your babies or when making babies! It creates the possibility to damage the Sperm that fertilizes the egg.
  • Don't smoke Heets IQOS while smoking other tobacco products. It can mismatch and affect the brain.
  • Don't smoke Heets IQOS while consuming high-power medicines.
  • If you are concerned about your medical health and whether to smoke Heets or not. Try to consult a physician and discuss it with him.


Important safety information.

  • CHOKING HAZARD - IQOS accessories and Heets contain small parts.
  • It can cause you indigestion infrequent basis
  • What if Heets gets consumed directly? It can cause severe damage to the body as it consists of high doses of nicotine! It can lead you to nicotine indication
  • The Following are the electric precaution to ensure to restrict any damage or injury.



  • Experienced should only use IQOS as an intention to quit smoking
  • The charging should only be done with an approved IQOS power adapter. It is available in the local store or online store.
  • The third parties accessories - or duplicates should not get used with IQOS devices.
  • Keep in mind to charge the IQOS device with a low voltage power supply. The ideal voltage rate gets mentioned in the user guidebook.
  • Charge the IQOS pocket charger indoors.
  • Try not to store the IQOS device or chargers in hot and humid places
  • like inside a car or sources like sunlight, radiators, or fireplaces.
  • Don't use the IQOS in the presence of Flammable materials like liquids and gases.
  • Never Put IQOS in direct contact with water. Don't touch it when it's wet with water or any such liquids.
  • Keep the USB charging neat and hygienic to avoid any infection issues.
  • Disconnect the IQOS or its accessories when it's heated. What if heated more? it can ignite or burst while charging
  • Handle and carry with safety. Try not to drop the IQOS.
  • IQOS should not be repaired, opened, or customized. Make sure that no parts or components are substituted


Battery risk
IQOS GETS foiled with sealed lithium-ion batteries. The battery GETS sealed in DECENT conditions

  • If the liquid from the batteries is swallowed for SPECIFIC reasons? Then Seek a medical specialist immediately. It is risky.
  • If the vapor from the leaking battery is inhaled? Try excelling exercises or seek a medical specialist immediately.
  • Avoid contact with the leaking battery. In case it happens? Wash your hands and avoid contact with your eyes immediately? Wash your face off with cold water for at least 15 minutes or seek medical care.


Thermal Burn Risk

  • Try to store the Heets IQOS in a cool, dry place.
  • Try not to expose it in humid conditions
  • Avoid using Heets exposed in warm conditions.
  • Stop removing Heets while you are using it
  • Stop touching the IQOS heating blade


Allergic Reactions
It can lead to allergic reactions like :

  • Swelling in the face
  • Throat
  • Gums
  • Body
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Wheezing

If you experience any of these mentioned symptoms above? Move to seek a specialist and get yourself treated.


Exclusive Use Of Heets

  • Try to purchase it from the local store, online store, or other authorized retailers.
  • Don't use IQOS and sheets with the other tobacco products like a cigarette or similar products that are unapproved by the company to smoke- up together. It can cause severe health issues
  • Don't try to modify or customize sheets with any other products or smoking materials
  • Heets IQOS are for one-time use only. So light up the Heets smoke-up and throw it in a dustbin. REUSE IS NOT AVAILABLE.


Reporting of adverse Experiences

  • If you experience anything wrong with the product? Then you can directly visit the IQOS official website for further help.
  • For better information? Visit www.iqos.com



The New Emerging Product IQOS 3 DUO
The tradition of IQOS continues to release the latest version of devices every year. The company listens to its users and contributes every time with a better product.


Main Features
IQOS acts as an alternative to smoking. It is less toxic and risky.
The new IQOS device is well-built and designed. The hold GETS placed small and tight. The design is attractive and has the presence of elegance in it.
It contains natural tobacco and doesn't involve any burning. A session of the IQOS lasts 14 puffs which are around 6 minutes. Hence it acts as a better alternative to smoking. According to reports? 5 out of 4 men left cigarettes and continued to IQOS smoking.
The missing in the IQOS was using the second cigarette immediately after the first use. Hence in this IQOS 3 DUO, it gives the facility to use two sticks in a row.
In the IQOS 3 DUO, you can smoke up the second stick as the first ends. You don't need to wait for long.


Fast Batter And Smart charge
You can use it two consecutive times with the EXACT miniature of the holder. The latest gadget charges are faster than all the previous ones.
The first and second recharging is not needed at all. It is said to be the most powerful IQOS battery.
To charge the holder after TWO sticks, the time taken is only 1 min 50 sec. It is 2x faster than IQOS 3. It will fully charge for TWO sessions in 3 minutes 25 seconds.
The IQOS lasts up to 6 minutes, which is usually 14 puffs. If the user smokes fewer number puffs?Then the unused energy is used in the next smoking time. So after two sessions, the device can restore a full charge in 10-20 seconds.


Drop-proof housing, Robust
It is the third-generation model. The gadget is still capable of heating the tobacco to 350 ° C.
Tobacco and paper burn at a temperature of 800 ° C.
Thanks to the IQOS that it burns at a lesser temperature and releases 95% lesser toxins.
As a result, there is no smoke, ash, less pleasing smell, and passive smoking.


  • Easy and Simple to use
  • Stylish! Elegant design
  • Best Traditions IQOS
  • 2 Indicators provided to watch the charging status
  • You can use the device for two sessions in a row.
  • It is available in five forms of colors. It comes in blue, copper, white, gold, silver.
  • You can customize and modify your device with changing colors.


Where to get the IQOS DUO?
Try to visit the official website www.heetsiqosuae.ae , It contains all information.


Authentic Heets IQOS Seller in Dubai



Does Fiit To IQOS?
The Main Question that interested the users is whether the latest Fits fit IQOS? Or can they be used for light Solid?
Presently there are only flavors in the Fiit markets - Regular, Crisp, and Viola.
The cigarette packets of these sticks get easily RECOGNIZED by their blue color.
The manufacturer is Philip Morris of the entire IQOS and its support devices. If these devices suit you only then you should buy them. Don't go for any device that is latest and you want to colo
Hence the production process happens in Korea. The introduction of Lil in Europe led to the shifting of production in Italy.

How Does Fiits DIFFER from Heets?

  • They are the same and verified like Heets
  • The Length And Breath are similar
  • They both are used with IQOS and Lil solid.

Fit Flavors
1) Fit Regular
• Sticks GETS packed in blue strips
• They are classic tobacco sticks
• It has a DECENT classic tobacco taste.
• There is no discomfort, heaviness, and lump in the throat.
If you tried cigarettes without capsules? Then you would love these too.

2) Fruit Crisp
• Sticks packed in a blue with green and yellow stripes
• Give you a ton of freshness
• It seems to have colder aerosol! It tastes like herbs, mint, and candles.
• Sticks are colder like menthol.
Green tea and mojito lovers would love this too.

3) Fiit Vola
• It is blue packed with lilac stripes
• Gives you a pleasing smell when you open it
• Tastes similar to berries and gums.
• It doesn't feel like tobacco at all. Fond of tasty sticks? Then it is the best you would have.

Don't like the smell of cigarettes? Try Viola!

Often Asked FAQ Questions
1. Which IQOS Heets is the strongest?
Heets Amber is the strongest! IQOS flavor.
It is Stronger in taste and has a single puff. It hits you right in the throat region and releases dopamine.

2. How much is a Pack of Heets IQOS?
The prices depend on the flavors you are buying. Therefore a pack of 20 tobacco sticks is less than the price of 20 cigarettes.

3. What is Heets Marlboro?
It is the same smoking system. It consists of specially wrapped paper that produces and delivers nicotine to users. It GETS heated in the IQOS device to activate the feel-good hormone called dopamine as you inhale a single puff of it.

4. How often Should I Clean Heets IQOS?
To get the most of it? We should clean it with the heating blade and the other parts with the IQOS Cleaning tool and stick.

5. Does IQOS Produce smoke?
It is made as an alternative to smoking. Hence, it gives you nicotine instead of producing smoke and irritating your lungs often.

6. Is Heets IQOS Same As Vaping?
IQOS smoking is different. Hence it is a better choice than cigarette smoking. As said, a lot of harmful chemicals GETS secreted while burning tobacco. The IQOS does not involve any tobacco burning processes hence resulting in minimal damage.

7. How Long Does an IQOS Last?
They are designed to pleasure the human mind with dopamine, nicotine acting as a catalyst. Each sheet contributes to last up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs, similar to smoking a cigarette.
8. How many cigarettes are in a pack of Heets?
You can get a pack of 20 tobacco sticks to buy from a retail store.

9. Does Heat Affect Blood Pressure?
A study says that unburned Heets IQOS particles result in high blood pressure, heart problems, and artery stiffness.

10. How is IQOS different from Juul or other cigarettes?
E-cigarettes deliver nicotine to Brian. It has the presence of a battery, a heating element, and a container for liquid.
When the liquid is heated, the users inhale the aerosol as a vapor.
IQOS devices do not act similarly to E-cigarettes that produce nicotine in the body.

E-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors. IQOS only comes in regular tobacco flavor or menthol.
The most common part in both IQOS and E-cigarettes is? That they both don't involve any burning of the tobacco.

11. Does IQOS contain Tar?
No, it doesn't. Tar is the leftover smoke after a cigarette is lit up. IQOS doesn't involve any production of tar because it is the process of heating and denies burning. Burning involves producing tar-like the way a cigarette does.

12. Is IQOS healthier than smoking?
Any smoke to the body is harmful to health. But as study says? IQOS will harm you a little bit less than cigarettes.

13. Does IQOS make teeth Yellow?
Smoking regular tobacco burnt cigarettes contain 90 percent of the toxins. As a result, the IQOS produces lesser toxics, and it doesn't turn your teeth yellow.

14. Why is IQOS so addictive?
Smoking causes numerous diseases that take time and eat up the smoker.
Then also the smokers are addicted to smoking. IQOS is addictive but safer. The emission from the tobacco sticks heated with IQOS includes nicotine, carcinogenic substances, and other substances.
Hence we would always quit smoking or choose a better alternative like IQOS.

15. Is IQOS Better than Vaping?
Vaping consists of more toxins than IQOS. IQOS is safer and better than Vaping.
Though, medical experts are still not sure about the fact. Doctors say where there is the presence of tobacco products, It is unhealthy for human life.

16. Does IQOS Smell?
IQOS gets used for heating the tobacco rather than burning it. It smells less than a cigarette.

17. Does IQOS Smell stick to clothes?
The smell of Heets IQOS sticks to your clothes, hair, and hands.

18. How Much Does an IQOS Cost?
The purchasing price of the IQOS is similar in many countries. Its US edition costs around 100 dollars and 99 Euros in Europe. The Packaging consists of an IQOS device, a charger, a holder, and a cleaner.

19. How long does a Heets IQOS last?
The Heets IQOS lasts around 6 minutes.

20. What is the best Heets IQOS device?
IQOS 3 DUO is the new emerging IQOS device. It was released back in 2019. It looks like the IQOS 3.0, and it's ideal with 3.0 accessories.

To conclude, I hope to clear all your doubts and queries regarding HEETS IQOS AND VAPING.